How To Remove Dresser Drawer With Center Metal Slide?

No matter what type of drawers you install in your dressers, cabinets, side tables, or other places, drawers get stuck at one time or another. It is a widespread problem, and it can be due to multiple reasons.

Perhaps the under-mount slide is getting rusty, and you need to add more oil. Or it is because of heat expansion of wooden sides of the drawer, and now it has got stuck. Even a problematic screw on the mounting plate can cause a drawer to be unbalanced. Or maybe your drawers are too old, and you can see debris is everywhere.

Whatever the reasons are, the pleasant news is that it is possible to address them and fix them. For this, you have to read the below article about how to remove dresser drawer with center metal slide and other types usually found in our home.

7 Steps To Remove Dresser Drawer With Center Metal Slide?

It is a simple process, and you can handle your own if you have the proper tools, even if you are not an expert. Here we are showing 7 practical steps that will help you remove the stuck drawers.

1. Prepare Tools And Materials For Removing Drawers From Dresser

Removing drawers having center metal slides is not that tough, but still, you need certain items to get this job done. You will need a putty knife and lubricant. Wax-made items are great for loosening up the stuck drawers.

2. Inspect the drawer slide for the locking mechanism

Now open the drawer and search the center slide down. Then scrutinize the slide and try to find out if it has any locking mechanism, though center slides rarely feature them.

If you find out any locking mechanism, press it to disengage it. Now try to pull the drawer out and see if it works.

3. Check the pull-out guard of the drawer

Now look for the pull-out guard to remove the drawer effortlessly. It is a small plastic component preventing the drawer from being removed entirely. It may be a semi-circular piece or a flap attached to the back of the drawer. It functions as a protective feature to prevent accidents. Now disengage the pull-out guard by going to the drawer back and remove the dresser drawer.

4. Apply gentle force to pull out the old drawers

You have to exert some force to the drawer to check if it gets unstuck in this step. But make sure that you apply gentle force; otherwise, if there is a plastic guide in the metal track, the guide may break.

While trying this step, be careful from getting yourself hurt or damage the drawer. Moreover, excessive force can break off the drawer having no dovetail joinery.

For center slide drawers with locks, you can hear a slight click indicating the disengagement of the drawer. If the drawer is still stuck, try wiggling that a bit.

5. Lubricate The Drawer

If the drawer starts to move with a gentle but increased amount of pressure, to help it move more, you have to apply lubricants, such as silicon spray, wax paper, or candle wax. Apply the lubricant to the sides of the drawer and continue to pull it out.

6. Open The Drawer And Work On The Slide

If you are still unsuccessful, then the center slide is broken or damaged for sure. So open the slide entirely and take your putty knife to run it along both sides of the track.

By doing these, you can make the drawer free from any debris and let the drawer move again.

7. Contact With Professionals

If the procedures mentioned above still do not work, we recommend calling a professional because you will need to remove the entire slide as well as the mounting hardware.

How To Remove Dresser Drawers With Bottom Slides?

Usually, people install bottom slides in formal drawers, and you cannot see them if the dresser drawer is open. Generally, there are two bottom sides in wider drawers to maintain stability. But drawers with bottom slides also get sucked. And to remove them, you can follow the below steps.

1. Firstly, check to find out a lever or a button release mechanism.

2. If you get any lever or button, press it to release the dresser drawer from the mounting hardware.

3. But if there is no lever or button release mechanism, apply slight pressure to move the drawer. Now lift the drawer until you hear a slight click.

4. If still, you cannot remove drawers from dresser then the bottom slides must be broken or damaged. Now we recommend removing debris from the drawer rail that can cause blockage on the slides. Use a putty knife for this.

How To Remove File Cabinet Drawers?

File cabinet drawers are installed using hinges and slides. It is also a simple process; you just need to identify the type of slides used for the installation.

1. Firstly, identify the type of slide used for file cabinet drawer installation.

2. When there is a friction slide, you will have to apply a little pressure which will cause the drawer to disconnect after a slight click.

3. If there is a button/lever slide, you have to open the drawer, lift that slightly to locate the button/lever. Once you find the button/lever, push it to disengage the file cabinet drawer.

4. If it is a push latch slide, you need to push the latch button that will cause the drawer to disengage from the slide.

5. If it is a disconnect rail slide, withdraw all the slide members to remove the drawers.

How To Remove Drawers With Stops?

A drawer stop is a small plastic tab located to the drawer back. It prevents the drawer from being opened entirely. You have to follow the below steps to release drawers with stops.

1. Take the drawer out completely.

2. Raise the drawer a bit at an angle, ensuring that the drawer stop is clear of the dresser’s top.

3. Release the slides by pressing the button/ lever on them. A slight knock will let you know if the drawer slide releases.

4. Now gently pull the drawer out at an angle.

5. When there is a drawer stop on the drawer bottom, raise the drawer, and use your hand to locate the plastic tab. Now press the tab and remove the drawer.

How To Remove Ball Bearing Drawer Slides?

Here ball-bearings are used for sliding drawers with rails to assist the smooth opening and closing of the drawer. These slides require a bit of extra lubrication to keep the ball bearings functioning smoothly. To drawers with ball-bearing slides, you can follow the below steps.

1. If there is sufficient lubrication in your drawer slide, all you need to do is to open the drawer slide all the way. Then raise the drawer slightly and pull the drawer gently until you can hear a soft click. Or push the button or lever if there are latches on the slides.

2. When the drawer slide gets stuck, open the slide and add any lubricant like wax or oil to ensure that the rail and ball bearings run smoothly.

3. If step 3 does not work, apply the putty knife process to remove debris from the rail. It is essential to keep the slides clean so that the ball bearing can glide easily.

4. If all the efforts fail, take a crowbar to take the drawer out of the slide. Be careful while trying this method; otherwise, the slide may get damaged. You can call a professional if you have never used this technique earlier.

How To Remove A Drawer With Full Extension Slides?

These are widely used in broader and longer drawers like twelve-inch drawers. You can attach these to the bottom or side of the drawers. Here are the ways to remove a drawer with full extension slides.

1. Open your drawer all the way.

2. Locate the latch/ lever/ button and release the slide by pressing it. For full extension bottom slides, raise the drawer a little and touch the slide with your hand until you get the latch. For side slides, it is easy to find out the latch.

3. The drawer should be tilted gently upwards so that if there is any safety tab, it is not obstructed by the top of the dresser or cabinet.

4. Pull the drawer out until you can hear a light click. If the drawer gets stuck, wiggle the drawer a little to move it.

How To Fix A Broken Dresser Drawer?

You can find it frustrating while dealing with a broken dresser drawer. But the good news is you can fix it by yourself. Humidity, constant slamming, or overstaffing can make the bottoms fall out or the runners stick. To avoid the weird experiences of faulty drawers, you can learn to fix them.

1. Replace all the stuff from the drawer.

2. Then remove the drawer from the dresser. You may need to push the release lever or raise the drawer to remove it with ease.

3. Now find out the guide of the dresser drawer, a small semi-circular or square piece of plastic on the bottom. After examining the actual condition of the guide, you can decide if you need to tighten the screws only, or need a new guide, or replace that drawer fully. Usually, replacing the guide is sufficient for the drawer to work perfectly.

4. So, unscrew the old one and install a new guide. Do not forget to bring the old guide to the hardware store to avoid mismatching.

5. If the bottom of your dresser drawer gets damaged, you should replace that right away to avoid serious problems. Make the new replacement piece by using the base of your old drawer as a template. Also, lubricate the runners with special wax like paraffin wax.

Final Words

Hopefully, you have learned how to remove dresser drawer with center metal slide after reading this article. No matter what type of drawer slide you have in your furniture, you can easily remove the drawers if you do a little research before doing the task. All you have to do is identify the type of drawer slides and follow the steps to remove them quickly.

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